Most scenarios limiting warming to 1.5°C involve deployment of risky and unproven technologies. Fossil fuel companies are potential profiteers and proponents of geoengineering. Support for those technologies, e.g in the land sector, could in the future also be sought from climate finance channels.

Our side event will discuss recent development in the field of geoengineering and the rising opposition that we see emerging globally. We will also present a preview of the upcoming report “Fuel to the Fire: How Geoengineering Threatens to Entrench Fossil Fuels and Accelerate the Climate Crisis” that investigates the early, ongoing and often surprising role of the fossil fuel industry in developing, patenting and promoting key geoengineering technologies.

The event is hosted by the Heinrich Böll Foundation together with ActionAid, Center for International Environmental Law, Climate Justice Alliance, ETC Group, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Health of Mother Earth Foundation, Indigenous Environmental Network, La Via Campesina, Oil Change International.

Please see the event flyer for more details

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