Climate change, driven by human actions, is changing the face of our planet whether we acknowledge this fact or not.

It is shocking that although the major underlying factors are known, the selfish need to maintain so-called high living standards continues to blind decision-makers from taking the right pathways.

2020 was welcomed not just with fireworks but by bewildering wildfires. Humans and animals scampered for safety. Many made it. Many lost out. Yet when the fires subsided, we slid back into business as usual.

Thanks to activists all over the world for steadfastly speaking truth to power in the face of governments’ orchestrated onslaughts against them.

At HOMEF, the operational theme for 2020 is “Decolonizing Narratives”, and campaigns are geared at breaking the strongholds of colonial paradigms and narratives over peoples, communities and Mother Earth.

In this edition of eco-Instigator, we bring you reports, articles and happenings in the environmental / climate justice circle from around the world with the aim of showcasing the happenings and reminding ourselves to continuously act to respect the rights of Mother Earth and all our relatives from human-induced destructions.

As usual, we also serve you with poems and books we believe you should read.

Drop us a line or share your stories, articles, photos or poems at [email protected].

We always look forward to hearing from you.

Until Victory!

Nnimmo Bassey

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