Discussions on the climate crisis often centre on the extreme weather events that humans experience, and on how global warming impacts countries’ economies. The world has hardly considered how the crisis is affecting the many other beings who suffer the brunt of humans’ reckless and disrespectful dealings with the Earth. If the world had soberly considered the extensive impacts of the climate crisis, perhaps we would not be busy extracting and burning fossil fuels and then trading in the carbon pollution or grabbing forests to supposedly capture the carbon.

In conceiving this publication, we reminded ourselves that the solutions we frame for the climate crisis would be retrogressive and counterproductive if we do not frame them in a holistic manner that considers the well-being of the other beings.

Perhaps if we had delegates from the animal world attending platforms such as the annual Conference of Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the conversation might have taken a positive and greener turn by now. A system that shuts out the consideration of real solutions to the crisis, elevates the voices of polluters and would not take a bold step to phase out fossil fuels does not even consider that anthropogenic actions are already driving many species into extinction.

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