Examining the roots of exploitation of resources, peoples and nations

Working with movements for the recovery of memory, dignity, and harmonious living with Mother Earth.

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Learning for Change

Learning for Change

The wise is a knowledge holder and keeper. Learning is a lifelong process. In other words, we never graduate from the schools of life as long as we are still on planet earth. We learn to walk, to speak intelligibly and we learn to be part of our communities. Many...

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HOMEF Webinar Series

The HOMEF Webinar series explores the areas of Climate Change, Food Systems, Fresh Water Ecosystem and other Socio-Ecological issues.

About Homef

We are an ecological think tank organisation advocating for environmental / climate justice and food sovereignty in Nigeria and Africa at large

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World Environment Day

The world environment day is celebrated annually towards the protection and preservation of the environment. The theme for 2022 is “Only One Earth”

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