Ikike is the fundamental vehicle for the attainment of the change HOMEF seeks to build by creating spaces for knowledge creation, interrogation and sharing.

After a long and hard search for concepts that best capture our learning spaces, we settled on the word IKIKE. This word has important meanings in two Nigerian/African Languages.

In Ibibio, it means listen, reasoning power, common sense and intellect.

In Igbo, it has multiple meanings including rights, authoritative, capability and jurisdiction.


In resolving to call our knowledge space Ikike, we anchor on reasoning power, intellect and rights. 

Ikike is thus the umbrella word for our Sustain-Ability Academy, School of Ecology, Community Dialogues and our occasional Conversations.


Reporting and Defending our Biosafety

Reporting and Defending our Biosafety

Consumers cannot be said to have a choice on whether or not to accept or eat food products of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) unless they know what these organisms/foods are. Beyond knowing about the application of agricultural genetic modification, farmers and...

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