fishnet alliance

Introducing FishNet Alliance, a network of fishers engaged in and promoting sustainable fishing in line with ecosystem limits. We stand in solidarity against extractive activities in water bodies – including rivers, lakes and oceans. Download and read about FishNet Alliance for more details and for information on how to be a part of the Alliance.

objection to iita’s ge cassava application


comments on the petroleum host community development bill, 2016


not on our plates

Download, read and use our Fact Sheet on Biosafety and GMOs in Nigeria here.

Objection to Monsanto’s Application for Confined Field Trials

a review of the national biosafety act


community guide to environmental monitoring and reporting

HOMEF shares our brand new Community Guide to Environmental Monitoring and Reporting. We must be alert to happenings in our environment. Noticed any changes or incidents? Report them promptly. Download a copy. If you prefer to have a hard copy drop a mail to [email protected].

not on our plates

Nigeria does not need GMO crops and here’s a few reasons why

community dialogue on food and farming systems

Charting the path to Food Safety and Food Sovereignty 

Objection to nrcri’s GM Cassava application


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