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This track investigates our massive dependence on fossil fuels and builds from the power of the communities who subsidise this perverse industry and who suffer gross despoliation. We believe that a transition from fossil fuels must be rapid and urgent and devoid of distractions by way of fixes that depend on the status quo.

Fossil Politics related news and updates

Fossil Politics related news and updates

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Africa caught in the Fossil Trap

African economies, which rely heavily on fossil natural resources, have been plagued by a host of challenges, including low living standards, stunted economic growth, corruption, and political turmoil. In light of these realities, this report delves into the root causes of the issues plaguing the industry and sheds light on the unforeseen consequences of Africa’s fossil fuel sector. It uncovers the devastating impacts of fossil fuel dependency, such as pervasive pollution, ecological degradation, and the displacement of indigenous communities. It offers insights into how African countries can effectively plan and transition toward a future that is less dependent on fossil fuels.

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