Welcome to our first edition in 2019. As you already know, eco-Instigator brings us exciting, informative, educative and inspiring articles/reports. These are aimed at instigating actions to save our Mother Earth and recover our collective human dignity.

In 2018 we examined the water supply situation in a Juba, South Sudan’s capital city. In this edition we bring you a special report from that investigation.

The oil fields of South Sudan echo the travails of the oil fields of Nigeria and in subsequent editions we will bring you snippets of the situation in those communities whose water has been hugely impacted by produced water from oil extraction activities.

For more information you may see the book Oil, Power and a Sign of Hope by Klaus Stieglitz. HOMEF published the African edition of that important book in 2017.

In this edition, we also bring you report from COP24 held in Katowice, Poland where Shell was fingered as deliberately influencing articles of the Paris Agreement as well as the Rules-Book for the implementation of the agreement.

The influx of genetically modified organisms into Nigeria continues despite objections by the populace. While HOMEF and other members of the GMO-Free Nigeria Alliance were having a massive protest against the state of affairs in the country, the national biosafety regulators were busy announcing the granting of a permit for the environmental release of Bt Cowpea (GM beans).

You will find articles on why this move is not only needless but a betrayal of the rights of our people to own, grow and feed on healthy local staples. We also bring you report from the demo held against GMOs in Nigeria.

As usual we bring you fascinating poetry as well as some books that you should read. Feel free to send in your poems, essays, reports or photos. We will be pleased to share them with our teeming readers. Your reaction to our reports are also welcome.

Finally, we are happy to showcase one of our regular contributors, Sonali. We will be featuring regular contributors from time to time. You may be next in line.

Until victory!


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