Welcome to the 2022 September edition of our quarterly magazine, eco-Instigator. This is the 37th in the series and, as usual, promises to be informative, educative and instigative. The eco-Instigator is one fundamental vehicle for the attainment of the change HOMEF clamours for; it spotlights the core issues of the environmental and climate debates – bringing in the cultural, social, livelihood and justice dynamics, and proffering real, pragmatic and people-centred solutions to the environmental challenges plaquing our world.

This edition covers a wide array of current hot topics in the environment justice space. The issue of fish washing ashore, for instance, is increasingly becoming rampant in extractive fields along the coast of Africa. There was a massive fish die-off in Nigeria’s Niger Delta in 2020 that affected over 4 littoral states. The true cause, to date, has remained elusive. After 2 years, a similar incidence happened in the Isipingo lagoon, South Africa. Even though the actual cause has yet to be determined, the South African authorities believe that it may have been caused by contaminations from spills from one of three pumps in the area. We serve you reflective reports from our research and activities from community engagements to fluid sessions of discussions on contemporary environmental and climate issues caused by the commodification and auctioning of nature. We also serve you reports from our engagement with students in a bid to promote environmental clubs in schools and bring climate change discourse into the school curricula.

As usual, we bring you instigative and resonating poems and suggestions of good reads – the books you should read. And as you read this edition, remember to drop us a line or share feedback, stories, articles, poem or photos at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you.

Until Victory!

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