Welcome to the 40th edition of Eco-Instigator. This edition marks our 10th year as an organisation! It has been an exciting run because you have been a part of it all. Through these 10 years of advocating for environmental justice and food sovereignty in Nigeria and Africa at large, we have had you as partners, comrades in the struggle, participants in our events, our frontline communities, our hosts, contributors to our publications, and more.

We remind you with the first article that we do all that we do ‘for justice and equity’. We push for these, using different strategies and tactics, and through varied for a including the Niger Delta Alternatives Convergence (NDAC).

Bringing the gender dimension into the environmental and climate justice discourse remains vital to the struggle. And it is devious to have so-called nature conservation strategies that are disconnected from indigenous communities who in reality are the best earth defenders.

Also in this edition, see the many colours of HOMEF as team members use different expressions to paint pictures of their HOMEF experience as they celebrate both their time in the organisation and our 10th year anniversary.

We never fail to extend the stretch of your imagination with literary pieces. This time, a poem and short story. Comrades in the struggle sent in goodwill messages in commemoration of our 10 years anniversary. We received the messages with deep gratitude. It gives us the energy needed for the years ahead.

We have recommended some books, one of which is Politics of Turbulent Waters, a book of selected articles from past editions of Eco-Instigator.

Do enjoy the edition and remember to drop us a line or share feedback, stories, articles, poems or photos at [email protected].

Until Victory!

Read and download the issue here.

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