Sustain-Ability Academy

We call this our Sustain-Ability Academy because the aim is to build human abilities to sustain our biodiversity, livelihoods and intergenerational justice.
The Academy provides us a space where we invite one Instigator (speaker) at a time to interrogate one vital contemporary issue holistically and in some detail. It is convened in the form of a lecture, but not in the ordinary sense because the instigator must also be open to learning from participants. Each academy session which is usually a one-day event is hosted as a multi-locational event with the same instigator speaking at each location.
Usually the sessions are arranged to ensure that the instigator addresses:

Community People

Primary and Secondary School Pupils

Staff and Students in Tertiary Institutions

Policy Makers

Each Instigator afterwards becomes a Fellow of the HOMEF Sustain-Ability Academy. The Fellows provide a ready pool of knowledge that we can draw from whenever their expertise, knowledge and wisdom is needed. Through the academies, HOMEF connects peoples and shares knowledge and ideas. These academies help build a movement for ecological defense.

The Sustain-Ability Academy was formally called Home School and the first sessions held in 2013 in Benin City, Lagos and Abuja. We have addressed topics in several areas including Climate Change Crisis, Food Crisis, Gender Justice, Biodiversity, Earth Democracy, Health, Labour and Extractivism. Our speakers are drawn from all parts of the world.

Plans are currently being made to institutionalize the academy more firmly in a way that would broaden and deepen the platform.

Upcoming Sustain-Ability Academy

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