The world can feed itself without the corporate appropriation of its food processes and systems.

Giving in to a contrary stance will only lead to an implosion of the human race. In this edition we bring you revealing, compelling and educative features, poetry and book recommendations that we hope will pride you to question everything around you..

At a time like this, we should be focused on how to heal Mother Earth by putting a stop to the practices fanning the embers of climate change. Our seasoned writers present you stories that tackle the persistent fossil fuel-driven development in Africa, address the climate and anthropogenic causes of world hunger, amongst others.

The fight to put an end to extractivism in Africa has intensified and in this publication, we give you details on Stopping the Extractivist Addictions – a conference where activists from fifteen African countries gathered to examine the current extractivist mentality of African governments and to proffer practical developmental strides in tandem with nature.

As climate change bells toll, young people are beginning to champion dynamic and fresh climate actions. We share with you reports from the Youth Climate Hub organised by Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Environment in partnership UNDP and facilitated by HOMEF to groom young people into taking positive actions to save Mother Earth.

As usual, we hope to challenge you to question the current ideology of development and instigate you into acting to save the environment and mankind.

Until Victory!

Nnimmo Bassey

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