This is our Year of Building Alliances and Resistance. We are strengthening our capacity to break barriers to the recovery of climate resilience, to defend communities, stop destructive extraction and promote food safety and justice. 

In January 2021, we partnered with Ecole Urbaine de Lyon (Urban University of Lyon) in France to host our first School of Ecology (SoE) for the year. It was a truly enlightening session with a general focus on the Anthropocene and a detailed look at the rot of resource exploitation in the areas of food, extractivism and ecology. The debates were intense as we examined “Who feeds the planet,” “Plantation” and “Extractivism” as well as “Green Colonialism.” In this edition, we bring you a short report on the School.

In February 2021, we took a giant leap in our Conversations series, beginning with the first series for the year titled “Conversations with Thomas Sankara”. This series on Thomas Sankara was led by Isaac ‘Asume’ Osuoka, a renowned scholar/activist. Our partnership with Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean (ATALC) in hosting the Sankara Conversation added to its significance. Building solidarity between regions and like-minded groups through shared knowledge is the route we plan to walk not only in keeping faith with our theme for 2021 but also going forward. Reports on the Conversation will be featured in the June Edition of the Eco-Instigator.

Join us to congratulate our Fellow and supporter, Firoze Manji, on his winning of the Nicolás Cristóbal Guillén Batista Lifetime Achievement Award. Firoze Manji was awarded the prize for his years of dedicated work as the founder of Daraja Press and his continuous global activism and involvement in the building of global networks committed to the promotion of dignity, freedom and liberation. We are proud of you, Firoze Manji. Keep inspiring!

As you enjoy reading the reports, articles and poems in this edition, remember to drop us a line or share your stories, articles, photos or poems at [email protected]. We always look forward to hearing from you.

Until Victory!

Download and read Eco-Instigator #31 here.

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