There is literally no African nation without one viable resource or the other and this has made Africa a centre of attraction for exploiters and speculators. Consequently, the quest for these natural resources has made Africa a highly exploited continent in the world and has led to series of resource-related wars and conflicts. Some of the bloodiest resource wars ever recorded in the world today occurred in Africa.

The fossil fuel crisis hotspot mapping is aimed at illustrating the extent of damage done to the peoples and the environment in Africa. Most of the cases were recorded in Nigeria, arguably one of the most impacted nations on the continent. Hotspot mappings across the global south have been done in the past by Oilwatch International while EJOLT has produced a very valuable Environmental Justice Atlas (EJAtlas). The present effort focuses on Africa in way that researchers and campaigners in Africa, and others concerned about the continent, can have snapshots of resource conflicts that have occurred within the last 5 years on the continent.

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