Welcome to the 36th edition of our quarterly magazine – eco-Instigator. This is one of the vehicles by which HOMEF steers the wheels of change she seeks. This edition is packed with educative, informative and inspiring articles and reports that should instigate positive actions for the good of planet Earth and the wellbeing of peoples.

While there have been calls in Nigeria from concerned citizens and CSOs for a ban on genetic modification of crops, a different twist has just been added to the GMO equation: there are plans to send in genetically improved Tilapia fish (GIFT). We raise a warning that this could open the door for   a full-scale invasion of the food system with species of doubtful value. 

In this edition, we serve you a report from environmental monitoring training with frontline communities fighting against pollution by oil and gas companies, as well as a report from our exciting intergenerational dialogue – Learning from the Wise. 

As more groups are exploring the power of storytelling through visual arts. We share a report from Fishers’ Tale Exhibition held in South Africa to reflect the magnificent tales that fishers enjoy talking about their ocean adventures.

As usual, we bring you instigative and resonating poems and suggestions of good reads – the books you should read. And as you read this edition, remember to drop us a line or share feedback, stories, articles, poems, and photos at home@ homef.org. We look forward to hearing from you.

Until Victory!

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