Thank you for reading the Eco-Instigator. This is the first edition for the year 2023 which we have themed Healing Territories. Our focus for the year is, healing, wellness, wellbeing, solidarity, love, peace and selflessness. These are all embodied in the Eti Uwem philosophy which speaks of the good life. Living the good life entails being in a state of wellness—free from disruptions, exploitation, and ecological corruption.

The achievement of a good life is highly linked to the wellbeing of the environment. It so happened that they year of Healing Territories, is Nigeria’s general elections’ year. Seeing how less attention was devoted to environmental issues in the manifestos and campaigns of the presidential aspirants, it became cardinal to seek out what the contestants’ ideas for a greener Nigeria could be.

This edition brings you an article that allows for deep reflection on the interconnections between our wellbeing and the environment. And the presidential aspirants also revealed what their plans for a greener nation would look like.

Makoko, a fishing community, in Yaba Local Government Area, Lagos State is under threat as the government dredges its lagoon and waterfronts. The impacts of the 2022 flood remains daunting even as new flood threats reach Nigerians. One would want to ask how Nigerians are coping in all of these—the articles, ‘In the Wake of the Flood’ and ‘Coping with Floods’ provide some insight.

The HOMEF team presents insights on healing territories in this edition. Once again, a warning alarm is sent out concerning the unsustainability of extractivism and thoughts are shared on how ecological cases can take a down turn.

Also in this edition, we are reminded to carry on the works of great Pan-Africanists and African intellectuals. The advocacy for safer, healthier food and agroecological farming system continues to grow stronger, in here, the opportunities and challenges that come with the much desired transition are presented.

Like previous editions, we stroke your sense of imagination with poetry and short story. Enjoy the edition and remember to drop us a line or share feedback, stories, articles, poems or photos at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Until Victory!

Read and download the issue here.

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