School of Ecology (Green New /Old Deal)

Abuja Abuja

The School of Ecology on the Green New/Old Deal will interrogate the concept of the Green New Deal as promoted in North America and Europe. We will examine the Old and Current Deals and unveil the implications of these deals for Africa and the Global South.

Community Dialogue on Marine Ecosystem Monitoring

Port Harcourt Port Harcourt

Fishers and fish processors will meet in Port Harcourt to examine ecological challenges in marine ecosystems, network and share knowledge on means of protecting their environment, livelihoods and fighting climate change. Similar dialogue sessions will subsequently take place in Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

School of Ecology on Blue Economy Blues

In July (27-28) we will be interrogating the Blue Economy concept and its implications for local livelihoods, environmental quality, inclusive decision making and Re-Source Democracy. The session will also review threats to marine ecosystems and examine ways of monitoring and protecting them.

Oilwatch Africa AGM/ Young Leaders meeting / FishNet Alliance AGM


Members of Oilwatch Africa will gather for their annual conference and General Meeting in Swaziland. The meeting will examine fossil fuels extraction on the continent, increasing climate change impacts and related political and socio-economic implications. This gathering will include segments on Young Leaders as well as the 2020 general meeting of FishNet Alliance.

Media Training/Roundtable with Lawyers

Benin City Benin City

These are spaces for focused discussions on communication/awareness of biosafety issues and on preservation/promotion of the rights of the people to safe food and environment.

Blue Ecology Blues

From Green Economy to Blue Economy, the concepts keep evolving. What do they mean, who is behind them, who will benefit from them, who or what will be threatened by them? Join us as we interrogate the Blue Economy concept in the next session of our School of Ecology. Please see details in the flyer. […]

Dialogue with Farmers

Kaduna Kaduna

The small holder farmers are at the centre of issues of GMOs and food systems. Hence we find it imperative to continuously dialogue with them to learn of their experiences, challenges encountered and what they need to ensure food is available and accessible. At this dialogue, farmers will learn of Agroecological principles and its viability […]

Africa: Biosafety and Biosecurity, a conversation with Professor Johnson Ekpere

In this fourth series of our Conversations we will be discussing issues of biosafety and biosecurity in Nigeria and Africa. Over the years, Africans have been very concerned on biosafety matters and our governments played key roles in the negotiations and preparation of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) as well as in […]

Media Training on Biosafety

Port Harcourt Port Harcourt

As the world recovers from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are presented an opportunity to define new ways of living and in line with the lessons the pandemic has taught us. One of such lessons is on the need to build our local economies, particularly with regard to food production. During the lockdowns […]