Dialogue with Medical Practitioners

The dialogue will deepen conversation/understanding on issues of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the state of biosafety in Nigeria with a view to getting expert recommendations on way forward for promoting the health of our peoples and our environment.

Workshop with Judiciary Officials

There is need for Nigerians to learn from all sides of the debate on GMOs and biosafety, and see the importance of the Precautionary Principle as key to the protection of our biodiversity and life in general. The focus of this workshop is to examine the implications of modern biotechnology and define the path for […]

School of Ecology (SoE) 2- Shifting the Power Lines

This will be the second session of the SoE for 2021. It will cover the following topics- Introduction to climate change/climate science; Political economy, power alternatives & the development pathways; Overview of existing legal strategies and climate litigation; False climate solutions; Shifting the power lines and power alternatives in Africa, etc.

Media training on Environmental Reporting

The media set the agenda for public discourse under certain circumstances and provide information that helps the masses make informed decisions and join in taking crucial actions. With the various environmental issues that are challenging the Niger Delta and Nigeria at large, the continent of Africa and the world at large, how well are the […]

Oilwatch Africa Conference/Biannual General Meeting (BGM):

Oilwatch Africa is a network of resistance to the negative impacts of the fossil fuel industry. The Network aims to stop the expansion of fossil fuel activities that are degrading to the environment; build solidarity and promote a common identity in the peoples of the Global South.

Stilt Roots Dialogues

These are self-organised diagnostic dialogues aiming to empower grassroots activists, communities and movements to share stories and challenge popular imaginaries that lock in polluting and climate harming paradigms. This will entail working with indigenous communities and partner activists/academics to collect stories of resistance, resilience and innovation using the complex mangrove ecosystems as the base to […]

SoE 3- Political Ecology (includes Blue Economy, Green New Deal and etc)

This third session of the School of Ecology will cover the following topics: Counting ecological cost: green new/old deals, green capitalism, blue economy; Politics of the sea; The state of biodiversity in our aquatic ecosystem; Oceans, geoengineering and new threats; Marine and freshwater protected area: learning from indigenous people; Stand for the earth: ecological monitoring […]

Conversations – Frantz Fanon

Frantz Fanon is known globally for his writings for the liberation of colonial/indigenous peoples and his stance against colonial institutions as well as post-colonial governments who failed their newly liberated peoples. At the Conversations, Fanon will be speaking to participants through his works and environmentalists and other activists will have the chance to see how […]

Oil Field Dialogue

This dialogue will hold in Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa States. It aims to build and strengthen grassroots power to monitor, report, and advocate for healthy marine environment and to ensure effective participation of fishers in policies concerning marine ecosystems.