Conversations – Frantz Fanon

Frantz Fanon is known globally for his writings for the liberation of colonial/indigenous peoples and his stance against colonial institutions as well as post-colonial governments who failed their newly liberated peoples. At the Conversations, Fanon will be speaking to participants through his works and environmentalists and other activists will have the chance to see how […]

Oil Field Dialogue

This dialogue will hold in Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa States. It aims to build and strengthen grassroots power to monitor, report, and advocate for healthy marine environment and to ensure effective participation of fishers in policies concerning marine ecosystems.

SoE 4-Transforming the Earth (Including Machines, AI, Technofixes, Mining):

In this SoE session, the following topics will be treated: Understanding technologies: traditional, modern, post-modern; New and emerging technologies: implications for Africa and Africans; Geoengineering: fiddling with the planetary thermostat; Technofixes: solution or threat?;  Introduction to the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ 4IR and the new techno-grab for Africa; Sky, sea and land grabs; Sustain-able innovative solutions […]

Network Gathering – Conference of Parties (CoP)

Members and partners of the Oilwatch Network will join the rest of the world in the conversations on climate action and more importantly campaign for the halting of fossil fuels extraction and annex zero.

School of Ecology on Biosafety

This last SoE session for the year will focus on the following: Biosafety laws in light of the african model law: the gaps and the opportunities; Threats to biosafety and biodiversity (GMOs, gene drives, deforestation); Biosafety, biosecurity and food systems; Synthetic biology: environmental and economic implications; Genetic engineering: ecological, health and security issues; What’s on […]

Conversations – AfriTAP

The experienced change in Africa’s culture and traditions is driven by the encroachment of accelerating high technologies. HOMEF is dedicating a session of her Conversations in December to interrogate emerging technologies and their impacts on the African people and Continent and the need to strengthen technology assessment platform in Africa.

Video Documentary and Poetry Workshop

To improve the knowledge of people and to create awareness on the use of video and poetry as a tool for advocacy. Using poetry and  video documentary to speak for the environment.

Pushing back BT Cowpea in Africa

Nigeria is the first country to have approved the commercial release of genetically modified (GM) cowpea, and other countries are likely to follow suit. Cowpea (popularly known as beans) is an indigenous African crop that forms a staple food and a major source of protein. It is an important source of income and also used for animal […]

Farmers/CSOs training on Agroecology

To equip farmers with practical knowledge on agroecology as a sustainable approach for a healthy, resilient and secured food system.