SOE- Extractivism, Climate and Food Crises

Lagos Lagos

Impacts of climate change on communities are taking unprecedented dimensions in ways that further escalate the vulnerability of these communities, posing challenges to responses and possible recovery. This challenge has been worsened by the operations of extractive industry whose pollution further compounds the problems. Agriculture and food industry has also been hit by the changing […]

School of Ecology – Blue Economy Blues + Marine Protected areas (MPA)

Lagos Lagos

This SoE will examine the concept of Blue Economy and its implications for local livelihoods, environmental quality and inclusive decision making and Re-Source Democracy. The session will also review threats to marine ecosystems and examine ways of monitoring and protecting them.

Biosafety Rally

Lagos Lagos

Stakeholders will rally to demand a ban on GM foods in Nigeria, better support for our farmers and for a review of the National Biosafety Management Agency Act to ensure it is fit to protect the interest of Nigerians against the commercial interests of the biotech architecture.

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