The cover story for our last edition was the Coronavirus as it has affected the environment, food systems and human rights. The activities reported in this edition were conducted under the restrictive atmosphere of COVID-19 regime. We have all been forced to work differently, so activities that would have been held in-person had to go virtual. The virus simply gave impetus to the fact that the social space has been shrinking over time as humans become more individualistic.

We recognize the fact that push into the virtiual sphere has also made it possible for us to reach much more people than physical meetings would have permitted. For one, we have enjoyed the privilege of having instigators speak to us from across the world, even when we have had to do that at rather unholy hours. The world has also seen less pollution and Nature has had a brief respite. The birds have surfaced and with less contestation for space and survival even unsuspecting fish have frolicked into waiting nets.

Many of the articles and reports in this edition speak to the scenario related to the COVID-19 pandemic. You may wish to look closely at Otiono’s Avian Friends, Naturecracy and Artocracy in the time of Coronavirus as well as the Conversations that focused on the inspiring life of Amilcar Cabral.

As usual, we bring you poems and suggested books you should read.

We hope to challenge you to question the current economic and development models and inspire you into acting to save the planet and secure a legacy for generations yet unborn.

Drop us a line or share your stories, articles, photos or poems at [email protected] We always look forward to hearing from you.

Until Victory!

Download and read Eco-Instigator #29 here.

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