We are here again with yet another thought-provoking edition of our quarterly publication, eco-Instigator. Mother Earth, our planet, is on the sick bed because of the irresponsible anthropogenic degradation she currently faces. We simply cannot stand aside and watch as things degenerate. To this end, this edition features informative and educative articles and reports as well as poetry. You will also find all the usual features. 

Ogoni and the creeks of the Niger Delta are famous for their pollution. The Ogoni clean-up as recommended by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is underway. We serve you report from monitors’ training organized to monitor the clean-up process and ensure thorough compliance to the UNEP recommendations.

We stress the need to interrogate the state of biosafety in Nigeria as concerns mount up on the implications of modern agricultural biotechnology to our seeds and food systems. We insist that, Nigeria can feed herself without succumbing to corporate colonization of our food systems. Just the other day, we woke up with the news that Nigeria is keen hop into the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) wagon. We see this move as needless especially with all the red flags that this would be one route towards our nation willingly submitting herself  for a dangerous corporate capture. 

We bring you reports from our event on seeds, food, biosafety and farming systems in Nigeria. You will also see the stringent calls by our youths for a future devoid of toxic foods.

Together we can work to restore justice and dignity for our peoples and the planet.

Until Victory!


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